Writing Webpages with Wesley: A Workshop for Educators
All materials © 1997-2000 by Wesley A. Fryer


Quick Reference
  1. Targets/Anchors/Bookmarks: Linking within a webpage
  2. Tables: Displaying data in rows and columns
  3. Images: Colors, imagemaps, and animations
  4. Multimedia: Inserting sound clips, movies, and more
  5. Frames: Displaying several webpages at once
  6. Guestbook: An introduction to forms
  7. Uploading webpages


  1. PDFs: Creating and inserting Adobe's cross-platform, portable document files
  2. Javascript Rollover Images: Images that change when the mouse cursor passes over or clicks them
  3. HyperStudio: Publishing stacks directly on the web

A printable handout is available.



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