HyperStudio In the Classroom

by Wesley A. Fryer

Last updated 11/4/2000

These webpages provide resources and internet links for HyperStudio workshops presented for K-12 educators in Texas.

Praise for this workshop from past participants:

"This has been one of the most confidence-inspiring computer workshops I've yet attended (and I've been to many!). I'm eager to see how well I will do on my own!"

Online Workshop Evaluation Form

Resources for this class:

TA-TEKS Snapshots (also available: TA-TEKS from TEA)

Author Study Project Resources

Don Tapscott's "Growing Up Digital" website

Standards for Multimedia Presentations

Bibliography Citations for Multimedia

Resources from past classes:

Step-by-Step Instructions for using a Minolta digital camera with HyperStudio

HyperStudio "Star" Stack Assignment (from TIE grant session #2)

TechEdge articles on copying/pasting internet resources and inserting Quicktime movies into PowerPoint or HyperStudio, and other topics relating to educational technology are available.

Other Online Resources:


Tools for the TEKS

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