HyperStudio In the Classroom

by Wesley A. Fryer

HyperStudio "Star" Stack Assignment

  1. Choose any planet in our solar system (except earth) and develop a multimedia presentation using HyperStudio about it.
  2. The presentation must include a minimum of THREE information cards with information text fields to include:
    • Mythological origin of the planet's name
    • Composition of it's atmosphere (if any)
    • Moon/number/names
    • Notable Features
  3. Include a border on at least TWO cards, and at least one additional graphic on EACH card. Include a picture of Addy (from the HyperStudio sample clip art folder) somewhere in the stack.
  4. The report must contain information from the internet site "The Nine Planets" (http://www.seds.org/billa/tnp/). BONUS: Use a textbook or library book as an additional source of information.

Requirements for Stack

  1. Complete a planning sheet that includes each card of the stack. Use the sample provided in your packet as a model. Plan the text, graphics, and other features to include on EACH card. Obtain teacher approval of your planning sheet BEFORE creating the stack.
  2. Title/Menu Card - Include your name and partner's name, your school, the name of the stack, & today's date. This should include "buttons" or hyperlinks leading to other cards in the stack. ("Star" or "branching" organization)
  3. Bibliography Card - Cite all resources in your project. Use the "Ready Made Card" as a template.
  4. At least 3 cards with information on your topic. (in addition to the Title/Menu card and Bibliography card)

Bonus: Include an Author's Card with a few facts about you and your partner. Insert a digital photo of you and your partner on the card.

This assignment is a modified version of a project facilitated by Carl Ward of Cavazos Junior High School (Lubbock ISD, Texas).

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© Copyright 1998 by Wesley A. Fryer