Kyle Field, College Station, Texas

Kyle Field after the 28 October 2000 Wildcat loss to the Aggies

Made with a Sony digital camcorder, Claris Homepage, Adobe PhotoShop 5.0. and Make QTVR Panorama software (freeware) on a Macintosh.

Yes, this QTVR movie is amateurish and not too sharp... but it still gives you a feel for what an 80,000 person stadium looks like from the center of the field! If you can't see the movie, download and install free Quicktime software (Windows or Macintosh) and then try again.

Not having been to an Aggie football game before this one or knowing a lot about A&M, I had heard a lot of different things but was not sure what to expect. I was very impressed with the sportsmanship, comraderie, and friendliness of everyone I met in College Station, and I'm convinced it was not just because the Aggies won the game. I think anyone who has attended a service academy would be impressed as I was with the Corps of Cadets and the traditions of the Aggies. Air Force Academy cadets have nicknames and a bad rap in certain quarters as well, and I think that is similar in some ways to the Aggies: they have an elite program they are very proud of, and not everyone is going to like it. Kansas State has a lot in common with A&M as a land grant school, focused on agriculture, etc. The spirit of the rivalry that I experienced at this game was 100% positive. All these warm feelings haven't changed the fact that I'm looking forward to seeing the Wildcats beat A&M when we meet again in the Fall of 2001 on Wagner Field in Manhattan, tho! :)


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