Internet Research in the Classroom:
Online and Offline


Taught by Wesley A. Fryer

Course Description / Objectives

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Learn how to teach students to use internet websites in your classroom for research related to curriculum activities, even if you don't have a phone line or internet connection in your room. Participants will learn how to use software to copy websites to their computer so they can be viewed offline. Research skills and solutions for "objectionable websites" will be addressed. Options for configuring student computers for quick website access that maximizes time-on-task will be explored. This is a hands-on workshop focused on providing teachers with internet skills they can immediately use in the classroom following the workshop.

Previously taught for Lubbock ISD April 7 & 15, 1998, and ESC 17 on August 3, 1998, and September 12, 1998.

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ESC 17

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Class Outline

  1. Welcome/Intro and Survey of Internet Experiences
  2. Overview of Netscape
    • The world-wide web and TCP/IP
    • Setting up a "homepage" for Netscape Communicator
      • Open the webpage you want to use as a "homepage" in Netscape.
      • From the EDIT menu, choose PREFERENCES.
      • Click on NAVIGATOR, and click the button named "USE CURRENT PAGE."
    • Copy/Paste Skills (
    • Obtain smaller, faster versions of Netscape 2.02 (Mac and Win -
  3. WebWhacker Requirements:
  4. Steps to WebWhacking:
    • Step 1: Create a new "Group"
    • Step 2: Add a URL (Uniform Resource Locator = web address)
    • Step 3: Enable or Disable Whack
    • Step 4: Whack
  5. Search Strategies
  6. Dealing with Objectionable Internet Content
  7. Setting Up Student Workstations
  8. Online Evaluation

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