Level 1:  Shopping on a Budget

Level 2 Shopping Instructions:

Today is your lucky day! Your teacher has decided to give you 300 internet dollars, and wants you to go shopping on the World-Wide Web! There are several items that you need to buy, but remember, you cannot spend more than you have! Internet dollars are not real, so you will not really be buying anything. Instead, you will find out how much each item costs and record it on the Clarisworks spreadsheet provided with this assignment.

Your assignment is to:

  1. Spend all of your internet dollars, according to the percentages listed on the table below.
    • Search any of the internet sites listed below to find items to "buy."
    • Record how much each item costs on your speadsheet.
    • Record the World-Wide Web address where you found the item in a word processing document.
  2. Use the spreadsheet to calculate what percentage of your money you have spent in each category. (Spend as close to the listed percentages as you can!)
  3. You may not buy duplicate items.
  4. Spend as many of your internet dollars as you can, but not more!
  5. The Internet Bookshop lists prices in British pounds, so convert to dollars using the formula: 1 British pound equals 1.51 US dollars.. This was the exchange rate on April 23, 1996. If you want a more current rate, refer to The Holt Report.


Spend your money according the percentages listed in each category!

The Internet Mall








Other items

The Internet Bookshop

The Nature Company

MicroWarehouse: Software

LL Bean Sporting Gear and Apparel

Amazon Books

Music Boulevard

American Microsource Inc.

Godiva Chocolates

Duthie Books

CD Now!


K-Mart Specials

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Example shopping results for this exercise are also available!

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